2021 Danielle Grenache Rosé

This is an elegant pure Grenache Rosé made in the traditional way. We picked these Grenache grapes at a low sugar to ensure crips acidity, bright fruit and low alcohol. They were processed while the grapes were still extremely cool, going through a sorting on the conveyor before being pumped through a must pump to extract a little color, then added to the press for a gentle 2 hour cycle before being transferred to a stainless steel tank. The Rosé lived in stainless steel from start to finish only going through primary fermentation, and skipping secondary fermentation to ensure the crisp acidity and brilliant clarity.

This vintage produced a beautiful light pink color

Winemaker's Notes

This Rosé was harvested on the lower end of the Brix scale which imparted such clean crisp acidity with brilliant clarity and color.