2019 Lucky Seven Grenache

2019 Dry Creek Valley Grenache - "The Pinot Noir of Dry Creek Valley"

Tasting Notes

In the glass, this Grenache exhibits a radiant ruby-red hue with a glimmer of purple at the core. Its brilliance captures the light, hinting at the vibrant character that awaits.

The aromatics are captivating, evoking an air of elegance reminiscent of an ultra-premium Pinot Noir. Delicate floral notes of dried rose petals and lavender waft gently, followed by an alluring mix of red berry medley, including ripe strawberries, red cherries, and cranberries. Hints of crushed herbs, such as sage and thyme, add a layer of complexity to the bouquet, further enhancing its allure.

On the palate, this Grenache demonstrates a seamless balance between grace and intensity, truly earning its title as the "Pinot Noir of Dry Creek Valley." Silky and refined, the wine's mouthfeel is reminiscent of satin, gracefully coating the palate. Bright red fruit flavors take center stage, with luscious raspberry and ripe cherry leading the way. The fruit's purity is elevated by a subtle, yet distinct, hint of red currants and a touch of pomegranate, adding depth to the taste experience.

As the wine develops on the mid-palate, there is a notable transition towards more intricate layers of flavor. Delicate baking spices, like cinnamon and a touch of clove, mingle harmoniously with the fruit, creating a warm and inviting sensation. The 25% aging in Francois Freres New French Oak barrels lends subtle vanilla and toasted oak notes that frame the fruit beautifully, enhancing the wine's sophistication.

The finish is nothing short of remarkable, displaying a persistent length that lingers with finesse. Silky tannins gently caress the mouth, leaving a graceful touch. A touch of minerality adds a refreshing quality, while the wine's inherent freshness maintains its poise throughout the finish.